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Tanny Records is not your ordinary record label; it’s a pulsating, vibrant hub that thrives on delivering a unique and captivating underground music experience. Founded and led by the visionary artist and DJ, Lucca Tan, this label has become synonymous with innovation, creativity, and pushing the boundaries of electronic music.

At the heart of Tanny Records lies its diverse roster of artists from all corners of the globe. Representing a mosaic of cultures and backgrounds, these talented musicians and producers are united by their passion for techno music, house, and a plethora of other sub-genres that ignite dance floors worldwide. The label’s commitment to showcasing diverse sounds and styles is a testament to its dedication to the art of music.

Under Lucca Tan’s astute guidance, Tanny Records has fostered a community of creative minds, a tight-knit family bound together by their shared love for quality music and good vibes. This close-knit camaraderie radiates through every beat and melody, leaving audiences spellbound and craving more.

Tanny Records doesn’t merely cater to the elite few; rather, it’s firmly grounded in its mission to bring good music and infectious energy to the masses. The label’s artists possess an uncanny ability to connect with their audience, stirring souls on dance floors and transcending the barriers of language and culture through the power of music.

As purveyors of the underground scene, Tanny Records constantly pushes the envelope, unearthing hidden gems and fostering emerging talent from all over the world. Their relentless pursuit of cutting-edge sounds has solidified their place as tastemakers in the electronic music realm.

Whether it’s a thumping techno set or a soulful house groove, Tanny Records leaves an indelible mark on anyone fortunate enough to experience their auditory euphoria. They are more than a record label; they are an embodiment of passion, talent, and a shared mission to bring forth an unparalleled musical journey for the masses. Tanny Records remains committed to elevating the underground music scene, ensuring that it remains a vibrant and vital force for generations to come.


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